Sunday, 18 March 2012

A New Campaign to Bid 2016 Olympic Games

Author: Lisa Lee
Olympic Games have the grandest and the most high-level sports events since it was brought into its appearance in Greek. The modern Olympics movement emerges in the Europe capitalism industry time, but its origin may trace to the ancient Greece Olympics games, an ancient Olympic Games every four years session, has the first session of Olympic Games from 776 B.C. which the writing records to the A.D. 393 years, altogether has conducted 293 sessions, lasted for in 1169, passed through the production, the development and the feeble several social classes.
When it comes to modern times, it has become a respectable honor and great commercial opportunity to hold a successful Olympic Games. Many countries and the host cities not only make a great fortunate from this, but also can they promote their native culture and build up a good image among its neighboring countries, and even ...
all the partners all over the world. They often design a mascot, and issue a large number of souvenirs, like stamps, socks ,sports clothes, silicone wristbands, which deserve the tourists’ and players’ fondness. Many words can be printed on the rubber bracelets. For example, in the latest Games held in Beijing, the theme slogan “One World One Dream was seen in many these products, even on the lanyards. Many retail sellers, according to statistics, made big money from this.
IOC (International Olympic Committee) members are discussing heatedly about which city can be chosen to hold the game in 2016. There are four competent contenders, Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro, each in possession of their unique strength.
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