Sunday, 25 March 2012

Olympia Greece - A Tour in Antiquity

By Giorgos Kontopoulos
To really get the most from your trip to Olympia, you should join one of the many Olympia Greece tours. Your guide will be able to take you to the most interesting and significant sites, and will be a mine of information about each of the places you visit. As your Olympia Greece tour gets under way, you will find yourself cast back to the days of antiquity, where vengeful gods were idolised and revered.
Your guide will take you to...
the remains of the Hippodrome and to the ancient stadium where the Olympic Games once took place. Here you will be able to visualise the Olympiads competing, in all their glory, against the best athletes the known world had to offer. A trip further to the west will introduce you to the sanctuary of Altis. This grouping of buildings are amongst the most admired in Greece, and a trip to the inner, sacred enclosure will introduce you to the temples of Hera and Zeus. It is here also that you will discover the altar where sacrifices were made to the ancient gods.
No Olympia Greece tour would be complete without a visit to the Olympia museum. This houses some of the most incredible sculptures Greece has to offer, including a spectacular bronze collection. Also on show, are the two pediments from the Temple of Zeus, which date back to the fifth century BC and are one of the best surviving examples of Grecian works of art from this period.
After a full day of total immersion in the mysteries of the past, an introduction the multitude of gods and demons that were part of everyday life, it is time to rejoin the present. No better way than to sample the delights of one of the many restaurants available. Because Olympia is such a short distance from the coast, you will find delicious seafood on most menus. Although all of this food on the menu will be fresh and tasty, it is a good idea to take advice from your Olympia Greece tour guide or the waiter. These people will know which dish will offer the authentic and mouth-watering experience. Washed down with a choice Greek wine and perhaps chased with a glass of Ouzo, this will bring a perfect day to a close. Heading back to your hotel, you can revel in the fact that, by taking an Olympia Greece tour, you have maximised the treasures and sights that this town has to show. Long after the tan has faded the memories of this wonderful place will stay with you.
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