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Where to travel in Greece – Greek Holiday Destinations

Author: Trifonas
Holidays in Greece are something lots of people have dreamt about. I suspect you are that kind of person, because even if you've been there, you always want to go back for some more...
Normally, you would think that Greece should be visited only during summer. This, however, is totally wrong. Greece is not all about islands and beaches. Greece has great cultural heritage as well. Ancient Greece was where western civilization began, as you may have heard, about 3000 years ago. Remnants of this civilization are evident today practically all over Greek territory, but some sites are more famous than others. Here are some famous Historical Greek Holiday Destinations:
Athens: A city that became very rich and powerful about 5th century BC. All the wealth and power was demonstrated with a building complex on a rock, dedicated to the Gods. This is how Parthenon was built along with other Temples on the Acropolis. Every year, thousands of people visit Greece for this reason only: To admire one of the greatest temples ever made.
Ancient Olympia: This is where the Olympic Games took place ...
during ancient times. Every 4 years, any warfare had to stop and each city sent athletes to compete. Their trophy? An olive tree branch...
Greek mainland is not a dull place for vacation either. Because of the mountainous territory (about 79% of the Greek land is consisted of mountains), Greek landscapes are here to amaze you throughout the year, even in winter! There are plenty of Greek Holiday destinations that are highly recommended to be visited during winter. Here are some of them.
Zagoria: A group of small villages connected with twisted roads and stone bridges. This is a place for those who just love great landscapes.... such a great place for trekking. This area is consisted of high mountains, endless rivers and rich flora. You will be wonder-struck when you see that every building is made of stone and in great style.
Arachova: A small town located in central Greece is a well known place because of the ski center of Parnassos, the best organized ski center of the country. Definitely an ideal destination for those who love winter holidays
Now, you may have changed your idea a little bit about Holidays in Greece in winter. However, I know that some of you may just be interested in the hottest places to be at during summertime. Holidays in Greece are so famous because of the sun anyway. So, here are two of the finest summer's Greek Holiday Destinations:
Santorini: Known for its amazing landscape, its black-rock beaches and its white-blue houses. This place is plainly unique in the world. If it's not in your "must-visit-once-in-my-lifetime" list you have certainly got to put it...
Rhodes: An island that has nearly everything. Ancient Castles, sandy beaches, water sports and great nightlife. Also famous for its Colossus, a statue placed on the entry of the harbor, it is one of the most popular destinations in whole Europe.
As you may suspect, there are many more Greek holiday Destinations that I should also include here. Don't worry though; there is a much fuller guide at
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